Monthly Archives: December 2010

fluorescent lighting: evil by design?

Well, at long last I put my fluorescent lighting theory to test, and alas, turns out it was not invented as a form of state control. Which doesn’t mean its not used for such. Still, the history of florescent lighting is quite innocuous, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. For clarity’s sake, a fluorescent light […]

age-appropriate clothing? fashion outlaws, house of diehl, say no way!

I’ve always lived – sartorially, at least – by one of my favorite Genet quotes, “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.” Growing up with a German mother who had very good taste when it came to clothes, I often received compliments from my grade school teachers on my refined outfits […]

larissa, “the coco chanel of rock-n-roll” : latest edition to “our favorite broads”…

LARISSA, NO LAST NAME PLEASE: The Coco Chanel of Rock and Roll (from patricia ) Larissa was born in Russia to a furrier father and housewife mother, who became a corsetiere and dressmaker when finances demanded. The couple were political refugees after World War II and moved the family to Brussels, Belgium shortly thereafter, […]