Monthly Archives: February 2011

in honor of black history month, i give you petey greene

In honor of Black History Month, I give you Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene, Jr. Ultimate rabble-rouser and raconteur, tellin’ it like it is (the rare homophobic comment excluded, obviously). I’ve yet to see Don Cheadle’s portrayal of Greene in Talk to Me (2007), but plan to, even if I’m likely to feel like Under Cover Black Man, who […]

those somalian pirates, at it again

Wondering why the anarchist in me secretly admires these Somalian pirates, I came across this really oddball blog, no quarter: an anarchist zine about pirates. Kinda cool. “Radical piratology.” To give you an idea of its tenor, here’s a quote from an interview in it by author Gabriel Kuhn on his latest book, Life Under the […]