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This started my love affair with American history and all wild places. Each summer for two weeks my mom, dad, brother and I would load into our Chevrolet Impala and cruise the country. One of the best trips was to the Grand Canyon. The Drum: On 28 March 2017, during a panel discussion on same sex marriage activism questioning the connections between companies supporting same sex marriage and organizations opposing it, the program included graphics of three ‘tweets’ from Michael Barnett. These questioned the decision by companies and a university, to employ people who hold anti LGBTI views. The Drum incorrectly drew a connection between the marriage equality debate, and Mr Barnett’s reference to corporate commitments to Pride and Diversity a national employer support program which campaigns for LGBTI inclusion..

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cheap canada goose “I don’t think very many people are criticizing Husky the way they should be criticized.”The independent group wants facts and figures. In the report, there are a number of recommendations highlighted including demanding “full access to the raw data from Husky’s sampling program and a detailed cleanup strategy.”The report also calls into question Husky’s late reaction to the July oil spill, saying the 14 hour delay “allowed time for the spill to travel much further downstream.”In late July, a pipeline break, reported by Husky Energy, resulted in an estimated 200,000 to 250,000 litres of oil reaching the North Saskatchewan, entering the water near Maidstone, Sask. So far, the government has said Husky has recovered 73 per cent of the oil and solvent that spilled into the river cheap canada goose.