Monthly Archives: April 2013

Once the fence was where I wanted it

If you’re good, be bold. I play with a guy who deliberately rips the right shooting arm sleeve off his T shirts, or rolls it up to his shoulder. Totally badass. “What’s upsetting is individuals from all over the country are buying Colts memorabilia and it’s leaving Maryland,” said Urban. “To me, that’s sad. From […]

acid dreams: animated hallucinations on film and in cartoons

It was an episode of The Simpsons where Homer trips on a “Guatemalan pepper” that made me want to gather cartoon depictions of drug hallucinations. Of course that clip – like many – is unavailable online (outside a bad 15 second fragment). Still, animation seemed to me the perfect medium to conjure the phantasmagoric, wonky […]

easter 2013 with the voluptuous horror of karen black!

If you’ve never seen the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black you must! Imagine tom-tom beats, surf rhythms, throbbing guitars, songs about death and fucking all wrapped up in body paint, gigantic wigs (the bigger the hair the bigger the brains!), and the best props this side of the planet! Kembra Pfahler is amazing! All pics […]