Monthly Archives: October 2013

a studio visit with mimi smith or why does the squeaky wheel always get the grease?

It’d been a shamefully long time since I’d been to my Mimi Smith‘s studio. She recalls 1997:( I of course don’t recall at all because I’m terrible with dates. I remember the space instantly though, reconstituting all its contours and nooks the second the door opened. I love that feeling of space. It didn’t seem […]

national cat day

How did I sleep through this one?!, she writes as her Roman kitty noisily eats dry food in the kitchen. I honestly didn’t even know this holiday existed. Me, a proud cat lady. Actually I learned about it on Ann Magnuson’s fb post (if you recall we did an interview on cat ladies here), and […]

its all about lou tonite (categories don’t suit me)

Creme magazine, March 1975, Lester Bangs goes nuts on Reed I didn’t know Lou Reed personally, I imagine few really did. Of course, because of his tangential relationship to the art world via the uber-brilliant Laurie Anderson, his wife, I know people who did. Or who thought they did, wanted believe they did, because they […]