vignettes of the night VII: oops

Almost forgot.

Getting out of the train tonite, I found myself thinking about my 20 year anniversary, of how impossible it would seem to live anywhere else. Outside NYC I mean, because I’d move back to Manhattan, should it be an option (not likely, waay too poor). But Brooklyn really is a lot more interesting overall (filmmakers, musicians, artists, everyone whose anyone in the up-and-coming way is producing in this borough).

Greenpoint has changed so much since I’ve been here these last 14 years. Which is what I specifically was thinking as I saw a new yippie shoe store go up, and a Ricky’s pop-up for Halloween. And I thought Starbucks and then Seven Eleven had truly sealed its fate. HA, who knows. As the waterfront gets developed and more homeless shelters get built to shuffle all the newly vulnerable homeless that it will create (there’s already a 200-bed facility that went up a year ago, and one of the worst SROs in NYC history a few blocks away, which has been here for decades). But I don’t wanna go off on the horrors of gentrification, here’s a few BK pics for you of the hood instead!