Monthly Archives: November 2013

reinaldo arenas (again) through the eyes of jana boková

“I’m not a conceptual artist, more like an intuitive anarchist.” – Jana Boková I’m half way through Reinaldo Arenas’ The Palace of The White Skunks, 1982, and totally enraptured. It made me look up his poetry. That led to my discovery of this clip from the documentary Havana, 1990, by the Czech-born director Jana Boková […]

please leave a message after the beep: a day in the life of charlotte moorman’s answering machine

Love this audio tape of answering machine messages left on Fluxus great Charlotte Moorman’s machine in 1971. A perfect Fluxus work in and of itself! Most of the messages relate to a day-old review in the Village Voice (who I started writing for almost 30 years to the day, weirdly enough), and say as much […]

vignettes of the nite XXV: expanding the nipple w/ron athey

So a friend of mine got kicked off Facebook for god knows what, too much body exposure? Same old bullshit. Can’t they discern between individual artists sharing their work and porn advertisers on the hustle? Idiots. Anyway, his name is Ron Athey, and he’s an amazing artist, and I’m a big fan! (I’ll be doing […]