Monthly Archives: January 2014

vignettes of the nite XXXI: miss van and santani

So tonite its a mash-up of two random sets of images I downloaded that represent the work of French graff artist Miss Van, and a young Russian toy designer, Santani. The latter, who lists Dumbo as her favorite cartoon character (a good sign!), makes these kooky cute hyper real furry creatures that are wonderfully fantastical. […]

vignettes of the nite: XXIX: beckett by pinter

(you try to write a sentence like that) Love this vid of Harold Pinter recounting memories of Samuel Beckett and performing – in a maniacal rush – the last of ‘The Unnamable’, 1953. Its the third book in Beckett’s famous trilogy, which you can download here for free as I intend to! Have only read […]

karma row: meditation and the brain (but what about the heart?)

(When socializing it is important to remember that other people are feeling tortured too) A friend posted this interesting link on FB about research studies that show how meditation alters brain activity: “The study investigated the effects of a day of intensive mindfulness practice in a group of experienced meditators, compared to a group of […]

together again: biglar @ joe’s pub

Its pretty special when you get to see a friend fulfill a dream, and watching artist Larry Krone perform last nite at Joe’s Pub was one of those moments. Featuring family and friends in an extravaganza that was part honky-tonk, part cabaret, the songs and costumes Krone created were heartfelt, kooky, and homespun, the eccentric […]