vignettes of the nite LVII: the crimes of genitalia

I shared this very racy photo that got censored from the Bruce LaBruce interview I did for The Believer (finally, its up!) in a Happy Birthday post on FB and turns out this person is embroiled in some legal shite such that if it hadn’t been seen and removed ASAP, it could’ve been used by the enemy. EEK, naturally, when told, I felt terrible.

It reminded me of the power images still have (sometimes we all feel inured), though I would’ve thought the two photographs at the end of the interview were more “disturbing”. You decide (I find the second one pretty gross). I’ve placed them side by side. Both the images and Bruce’s work in general make me think of a great quote by Donna Hathaway from her iconic early work, A CYBORG MANIFESTO, 1983, part of which you can read here: “blasphemy protects one from the moral majority within, while still insisting on the need for community.” I should’ve used it, but it didn’t occur to me, oh well, too late:)

15. RR2

(above) Bruce LaBruce, Rasberry Reich, 2004 (censored)

17. BLAB, photographs from exhibtion, Obscenity, 2012, LaFresh Gallery, Madrid
(below) Bruce LaBruce, photographs from exhibition, Obscenity, 2012, LaFresh Gallery, Madrid (not censored)