vignettes of the nite LVIII: possible spoiler alert

So I’m watching the final season of Breaking Bad, and I was unexpectedly upset when Jesse, after finally escaping from his psychopath captors, doesn’t make it over the fence. Like, whaaaah?! At this point he is a total martyr and his pain is my pain. I guess the best thing about ending a show for good is that you can write whatever you want, and Vince Gilligan takes no prisoners.

I also continue to wonder if Gilligan made Flynn and Skyler intentionally unsympathetic characters (the former like a pampered 9-year old, the latter annoying an entire nation). Especially as I like so many of the other characters for their nuance – Saul, Mike, Lydia, Skinny Pete, Todd, Brock, Jane…

Speaking of Jane, the first scene that made me rail against Gilligan’s script was when Walt watches her overdose and die a hideous death. Its when he truly becomes Heisenberg.


No point in going on as BB has been talked about ad nauseam, but I would like to say Dave Porter’s score deserves equal attention (that link is to music, btw). Its brilliant, lending atmosphere and pathos with as much menace as Mr. White’s stares, and as this Rolling Stone article pointed out a year ago, some scenes were quite the challenge.