Monthly Archives: June 2014

karma row: vintage cults and clothes

Ohmygoodness, I’ve been so very neglectful of this blog, sorry townsfolk:) Between my workshop, which is always so appreciated, and therefore gratifying, a couple of commissioned essays and artist statement consultations, I’ve been pretty distracted/busy. I’ve also officially opened my Etsy shop, romanlovesgigi, which gives me an inexplicable giddy joy. Maybe because I’ve always been […]

fashion matters: the shift

With the endless crazy shifts in the weather, one day pouring buckets and 65°, the next sunny and 85°, the idea of the tunic/shift/shirtdress appeals more and more to me. Something about the right drape to a loose garment, and of course the airiness it provides. A spaciousness that allows for layers, under and over, […]

wiggin’ out: a virtual exhibition of wigs in contemporary art

Culturally and historically, hair has been a marker of everything from social identity to sexuality, and wigs especially conjure associations with masquerade.  As objects that signify the body, they can be alluring, comical, or abject. No wonder so many artists have used it for its material and allegorical associations. I’ve mentioned here before my fascination with wigs since I was a girl, coveting the platinum versions worn by […]