Monthly Archives: July 2014

vignettes of the nite LVV: “no wave skank goddess” on food

I’m on a cooking binge these days, grilling and stove. Made this tasty mushroom, lentil, quinoa, carrot, celery dish, close to this Martha Stewart recipe but with rosemary and some of Trader Joe’s garlic and eggplant dip mixed in.  Improv-style. Delish! A bit heavy for summer I suppose but it can be eaten cold (or […]

vignettes of the nite: LVIII

“By just presenting rambling Ondine or National Velvet as isolated, spoiled fruits, stripping away their connections to personal drama or outside world, and by languidly exposing jig-acting situations (tangled bodies on a mattress, gargantuan make-up scenes, a crazy telephone scene with a witchlike gypsy, her maddening horsey smile flashing on and off like a neon […]

design matters: larry vrba, king of costume jewelry

In my research to sell a necklace on Etsy (“romanlovesgigi”), I discovered the designer Lawrence (Larry) Vrba, who is the Liberace of costume jewelry for the theater, film, fashion, and celebrity world, and has been since the 1960s (when he worked for Miriam Haskelll. From La Cage aux Folles and Joan Crawford to Zac Posen […]