vignettes of the nite LVVI: biker madness

I have always been biker friendly, my brother owned them, I’ve had bfs who’ve rode, and a few friends. I would love to have a small bike some day. Still,  I cannot take the second summer of a new noise nitemare in my neighboorhood that some club nearby has wrought. They run in circles around Greenpoint and East Williamsburg (I’m guessing its the Unknown Motorcycle Club) and its very noisy. The jump out of your skin, rattle your bones kind of noisy. I’m not remotely brand aware enough to know what they are but my guess would be those new small Harley’s which seem designed exactly for this kind of consumer.

When it stops for a while, say 45 minutes to an hour, I wonder if I’m being cunty as I do try to just absorb life as its lived ala the bar next door which never controls its patrons. Every summer at least a handful of times I have to yell out the window, but I never call and complain,wanting to avoid getting invested or upset as I know it could be SO much worse. I’ve known people who’ve had to move because of intolerable life-wrecking noise, and worse those who couldn’t get away and had to endure it for months – dogs that won’t quit barking, construction work, loud bass music, etc. I count my blessings. One must in this town.

Still, there is something so immature and stupidly selfish about people on purposefully loud machines roaming pack-like around the streets of a residential area blasting what must exceed 80 decibels, the limit set by the city. Regardless, this club is certainly breaking the law, as “highlighted” in the  NYC Noise code: “The Noise Code prohibits excessive sound from the muffler or exhaust of motor vehicles operating on a public right-of-way where the speed limit is 35 mph or less.” 

I wonder, would it be reasonable to complain, or even productive? For the sake of bikers who do get hassled more than automobile drivers/owners, should I just let it go, suck it up along with the occasional bunch of assholes screaming outside the bar next door. I asked a biker friend who more or less told me to complain, making clear it was noise not anything else that was bothering me. Always hard to know how to handle these things…

How sexy is this electric bike by Johammer,an Austrian brand, though? I bet it doesn’t sound like a car without a muffler!