vignettes of the nite LVV: “no wave skank goddess” on food


I’m on a cooking binge these days, grilling and stove. Made this tasty mushroom, lentil, quinoa, carrot, celery dish, close to this Martha Stewart recipe but with rosemary and some of Trader Joe’s garlic and eggplant dip mixed in.  Improv-style. Delish! A bit heavy for summer I suppose but it can be eaten cold (or must mushrooms always be served warm?), and its vegan (I added no butter). I also made a hearts of palm, avocado, artichoke, cucumber, celery, and mint salad, which I’ve made before, and always change up a bit. Its based on this recipe.

Tomorrow night I hope to grill more than I can consume, or at least that’s the plan:)) Happy Summer!  Enjoy the fresh food, and in the spirit of company, I’ll leave you with some choice words on food by Lydia Lunch discussing her cookbook, The Need to Feed:  “(Plus), cooking is one of the most intimate things this side of sex—cooking leads to good sex. You are touching something that someone else is digesting. Your DNA is on the food they eat. It’s a form of impregnation—which is basically what my entire artistic motive is, anyway. The whole goal of why I create is to either allow people who have been poisoned or contaminated to feel some relief. So cooking is just natural. Plus, cookbooks are so awful and boring. Except for Coolio’s, who measures the spices with nickel and dimebags. ” The interview is with VICE, namely Brad Cohan, who calls her ” the iconoclastic no wave skank goddess” recalls  this great issue of RE/Search devoted to her). Okay. He wrote preview/ Village Voice listing for her Retrovirus show, which I should’ve seen:((((((, earlier this month, so he’s sincere. I’m just not sure what I think about him calling her a skank, or later, whorish.  The  interview did inspire me to cook, which is always good, and I loved hearing LL trash New York, so I still recommend it. NITE!

(pics represent recipes given in links)