fashion matters: strike a pose, your ebay voguer

Increasingly, as I peruse – or is it cruise? – Ebay and Etsy, as I so often compulsively do, I’m finding really studied poses. Weird campy awkward ones, especially for clothes. And everyone knows I love all things weird and awkward – not to mention clothes. Maybe its the selfie-meme syndrome, but its like these gurls just gotta have fu-UN, they just gotta, they just gotta….! One looks like she’s squatting for a poop, and another looks like she’s channeling Marshall Chan. But hey, werk it ladies, it makes shopping – er, I mean, looking – more fun:)

So here’s a bunch I saved, there’ll be more. I guess all these Esty/Ebay pics I keep posting – spooky mannequins, 60s-70s knitwear patterns, and now those who vogue, haha – constitute an extension of my vernacular photography collection. In digital form. Enjoy!

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