movie night: horror vacui

I just love that you can get on the internet, and find someone who’s had the same thought as you, instantly. Its made me a 21st century gurl. I can’t imagine doing without that ability to instantly know or learn on the library of all libraries: the interwebs! Anyway, I  felt like watching a movie that would take my mind off the tragedy in Charleston this week, and the victims’ families and community-at-large,   talk of racial battle fatigue making it all the more horrifyingly real.  And on the heels of that lurid Rachel Dolezal story, which I think is well-summed up here.

SO, I decided to watch Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, a film I’ve wanted to watch again.  I love Lynch’s work, and watching, I was reminded how much his aesthetic evokes David Cronenberg. And Viola! I’m not the only one!. Makes me wonder if there’s a female counterpart director – so insanely wrong that women directors are still so goddamn rare these days…But back to the film (for me, that is), which I highly recommend! Here’s a pic of the ever-fab Ann Miller channeling perfect 60s SoCal grooviness as Mrs. Coco Lenoix! I want to recreate that hair look somehow…