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vignettes of the nite XLVI: genet and lee

“Thereafter, he ennobled shame. He bore it in my presence like a burden, like a tiger clinging to his shoulders, the threat of which imparted to his shoulders a most insolent submissiveness.” ― Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal, 1948 The Thief’s Journal is one of my favorite books. The kind you can deeply commune with, […]

vignettes of the nite XXXIV: “death’s second self”

Came across this Shakespeare sonnet in the Bruce La Bruce film, Gerontophilia, 2013, which, as mentioned, I’m watching in prep for our interview. Melvin, the elder man, recites it to Lake, his young lover, while they dance in a nightclub on the former’s 82nd birthday. Its a brilliant moody scene, the whole film entrancing. Anyway, […]

vignettes of the nite: XXIX: beckett by pinter

(you try to write a sentence like that) Love this vid of Harold Pinter recounting memories of Samuel Beckett and performing – in a maniacal rush – the last of ‘The Unnamable’, 1953. Its the third book in Beckett’s famous trilogy, which you can download here for free as I intend to! Have only read […]