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rock my world: goat and jumpsuits ( pas de deux)

This is a mishmash post cuz I’ve been so remiss in my duties as mayor of dear old janestown – population of 1, ha – that I wanted to share something. Soooo here’s my new favorite band, Goat (contemporary Swedish pysch), and my new fashion obsession, jumpsuits (specifically vintage patterns, which I’ve just begun to collect). One day I’ld love to tweak them (including […]

rock my world: neil young, crush-cum-crusader

I remember getting out of bed really late one night, around the age of 11-12, with a flashlight at the ready, to tune in to a rare radio interview with Neil Young I was supposed to be sleeping through. Pressing my ear against the radio, swooning in some nocturnal communion with this man I’d begun to revere. The influence […]

vignettes of the nite LVV: “come on down to the store”

Tonite I listened to Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, 1988,  for the first time in years, and I was reminded of how much I like the song, The Sprawl.  Kim Gordon wrote the lyrics, and while there’s been much speculation as to what they mean, according to the band’s biography, Goodbye 20th Century, 2009, they were based […]