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karma row: vintage cults and clothes

Ohmygoodness, I’ve been so very neglectful of this blog, sorry townsfolk:) Between my workshop, which is always so appreciated, and therefore gratifying, a couple of commissioned essays and artist statement consultations, I’ve been pretty distracted/busy. I’ve also officially opened my Etsy shop, romanlovesgigi, which gives me an inexplicable giddy joy. Maybe because I’ve always been […]

vignettes of the nite XLVI: genet and lee

“Thereafter, he ennobled shame. He bore it in my presence like a burden, like a tiger clinging to his shoulders, the threat of which imparted to his shoulders a most insolent submissiveness.” ― Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal, 1948 The Thief’s Journal is one of my favorite books. The kind you can deeply commune with, […]

please leave a message after the beep: a day in the life of charlotte moorman’s answering machine

Love this audio tape of answering machine messages left on Fluxus great Charlotte Moorman’s machine in 1971. A perfect Fluxus work in and of itself! Most of the messages relate to a day-old review in the Village Voice (who I started writing for almost 30 years to the day, weirdly enough), and say as much […]

vignettes of the night XX: the new woman

“Lower class prostitutes in Weimar Germany, 1920′s” (that’s all the info. that accompanied this Google searched image….Hate not crediting a photo, don’t understand how people can steal photographs that have attribution) Fascinating article I have my students read every year as we discuss the Weimar era “New Woman”. I highly recommend it. Here’s an excerpt […]

vignettes of the night XVIII: cocktails and coffee shops and mayors, oh my!

I’m never getting drunk again. Its so rare that I do, and while I’ve always had a perplexingly high tolerance for it, alcohol doesn’t agree with my constitution (the reason I think my mother never drank, though I did plenty for many years in my youth). Those who enjoy drinking have the benefit of doing […]