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vignettes of the nite XLVI: genet and lee

“Thereafter, he ennobled shame. He bore it in my presence like a burden, like a tiger clinging to his shoulders, the threat of which imparted to his shoulders a most insolent submissiveness.” ― Jean Genet, The Thief’s Journal, 1948 The Thief’s Journal is one of my favorite books. The kind you can deeply commune with, […]

abstract expressionism, the “renaissance prince” of cold war politics

Teaching Abstract Expressionism is never easy but its essential to the traditional modernist narrative, which I dismantle and question (I almost wrote “unpack”, phew) as a matter of course, and Ab-Ex provides ample opportunity:) Mostly its Pollock who bothers me, the shaman alcoholic (or is it the wounded cowboy?) whose vulnerability both tempered and underscored […]

its all about lou tonite (categories don’t suit me)

Creme magazine, March 1975, Lester Bangs goes nuts on Reed I didn’t know Lou Reed personally, I imagine few really did. Of course, because of his tangential relationship to the art world via the uber-brilliant Laurie Anderson, his wife, I know people who did. Or who thought they did, wanted believe they did, because they […]

vignettes of the night II: janestown headquarters

(Wondering if technology will ever be able to surveil our thoughts, data spilling from brains into computers that codify them, I stumble on this Atlantic article suggesting YES, ohmygawd how frightening) My shrink keeps using this term “projective identification” lately so tonight I tried to remember where my attention unconsciously strayed during the day for […]