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karma row: vintage street sale

I just did a street-trunk sale for my Etsy shop, romanlovesgigi, selling a buttload of mostly clothes, some hung on a rack, others in large apple baskets, and loved it! This gorgeous Fall weather didn’t hurt. There were shoes; a couple of tables I’m getting rid of, one small lucite table with a curved edge, […]

vignettes of the nite LVV: “no wave skank goddess” on food

I’m on a cooking binge these days, grilling and stove. Made this tasty mushroom, lentil, quinoa, carrot, celery dish, close to this Martha Stewart recipe but with rosemary and some of Trader Joe’s garlic and eggplant dip mixed in. ┬áImprov-style. Delish! A bit heavy for summer I suppose but it can be eaten cold (or […]

please leave a message after the beep: a day in the life of charlotte moorman’s answering machine

Love this audio tape of answering machine messages left on Fluxus great Charlotte Moorman’s machine in 1971. A perfect Fluxus work in and of itself! Most of the messages relate to a day-old review in the Village Voice (who I started writing for almost 30 years to the day, weirdly enough), and say as much […]

vignettes of the night XVIII: cocktails and coffee shops and mayors, oh my!

I’m never getting drunk again. Its so rare that I do, and while I’ve always had a perplexingly high tolerance for it, alcohol doesn’t agree with my constitution (the reason I think my mother never drank, though I did plenty for many years in my youth). Those who enjoy drinking have the benefit of doing […]