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conquering the artist statement: a 4 week workshop/sign up now!

Hey there! This year I’m offering two sessions for my annual workshop, open to all NYC-based artists and designers, young and old, emerging and established, etc. I’ve had BFA students take it, MFAs, recent grads, those who’ve been at it a while, older artists, architects and designers who want to jumpstart their visual art practice, […]

jewelers to die for: the work of jelena behrend and andrea corson

I wanted to share the work of two artist friends, Andrea Corson and Jelena Behrend, who make great jewelry! Though their sensibilities are different – where Corson is polished and whimsical, Behrend is graphic and expressive – both lean toward the abstract, conceiving of their designs as a sculptor would.┬áBehrend’s work has been featured in […]

its all about lou tonite (categories don’t suit me)

Creme magazine, March 1975, Lester Bangs goes nuts on Reed I didn’t know Lou Reed personally, I imagine few really did. Of course, because of his tangential relationship to the art world via the uber-brilliant Laurie Anderson, his wife, I know people who did. Or who thought they did, wanted believe they did, because they […]

vignettes of the night XII: ghosts, betrayals, and love

Tonite over drinks at my old haunt in Greenpoint, The Mark Bar, a friend tells me my living situation should be a screenplay between the alcoholic/speed freak polish carpenter who uses the apartment as a testing ground for his decorative ideas, and refuses to lock the outside door, among other ANNOYING behavior (like getting into […]