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wiggin’ out: a virtual exhibition of wigs in contemporary art

Culturally and historically, hair has been a marker of everything from social identity to sexuality, and wigs especially conjure associations with masquerade.  As objects that signify the body, they can be alluring, comical, or abject. No wonder so many artists have used it for its material and allegorical associations. I’ve mentioned here before my fascination with wigs since I was a girl, coveting the platinum versions worn by […]

larissa, “the coco chanel of rock-n-roll” : latest edition to “our favorite broads”…

LARISSA, NO LAST NAME PLEASE: The Coco Chanel of Rock and Roll (from patricia field.com ) Larissa was born in Russia to a furrier father and housewife mother, who became a corsetiere and dressmaker when finances demanded. The couple were political refugees after World War II and moved the family to Brussels, Belgium shortly thereafter, […]