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tweet, tweet: fuck venice, port authority’s where its at! an interview with “social media” art star, man bartlett

As someone who has yet to send a tweet, the (by now) signature Twitter performances of Man Bartlett intrigue me. Like Rob Pruitt, a self-professed technophobe, whose 2008 solo exhibition at Gavin Brown, iPruitt, featured iPhone photos taken over the course of a year, and the YouTube aesthetic of video artists Ryan Trecartin and Kalup Linzy, there’s something brazen […]

divas and drag: performance artist kalup linzy on singing and acting

If you’ve never seen one of Kalup Linzy’s campy send-ups of soap opera stars and music divas, you must! Riffing story lines from classic programs like As the World Turns and General Hospital, these video works splice together drag performances with footage from actual episodes in spoofs only a devoted soap  fan could concoct. Linzy […]