selections from the vernacular pic collection aka my orphans

I started collecting old snapshots after spending hours sifting through an immense warehouse of junk that we regulars affectionately called “Sid’s on Driggs”, a space now occupied by a yipster grocery store and luxury apartments. I learned when they were asked to pick up the remains of loved one’s estate (ie. the unwanted contents of […]



broad moments: RIP joan rivers (june 8, 1933 – september 4, 2014)

Joan Rivers had balls and a razor sharp wit. She said what she wanted long before it was cool to be UN-PC, and shocked without trying to. Her work ethic was as legendary as her repartee, so its no surprise she went out kicking to the very end. A brave, strong woman, and one of […]

from the archives: my artforum interview with monica bonvicini

I never think to re-circulate my old writing, previously published stuff, but wtf, I watch artists promote the same work in different contexts all the time ala the “I’m showing such and such again at such and such space for such and such show” promo emails and social media alerts we all see so much […]



design matters: happy brain waves make happy decor

How cool is this? Turn your heart happy brain waves into lamps and vases etc. By the Brazilian Estudio Guto Requena. It seems that 3-D scanners may also soon keep those hearts beating forever. Tweet

karma row: stigma and “mental illness”

I’ve been thinking about all the attention Robin Williams’ suicide has garnered, how the continued stigma of mental illness recalls attitudes toward gay people not so long ago. There is the same proclivity to make what we don’t understand, what we irrationally fear might contaminate us, so “other” as to be perverse, and so perverse […]



rock my world: two of my favorite broads

All it took was this song to make me fall head over heels for La Lupe’s voice, and the way she used it, her manic pacing, always ahead of the band, her growling and mewling. She reminds me of another great favorite of mine, Betty Davis, who I was so obsessed with for a while […]