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“if i needed you” – a tale of love and longing

I often rest in the pocket of this song and return to it again and again. I will listen to it repetitively, often crying the first two rounds, until I am lifted, cleansed, released…If you’ve never heard this Townes van Zandt classic (written in 1981), well, prepare for a holy experience. Music is church for […]

” This latest work is not a photography book

However, happiness turned to irritation when I got home and found my new hot water bottle had no stopper. Yes I can return it but not today as the shops will be hell next week I’ll be stuck in cues with all the other shoppers returning unwanted, useless or broken presents. Grump! Grump!. supreme hats […]

The developments are mainly confined to London

“For anything little tips, little advice, my putting, my short game, even the mental side of how to prepare for tournaments. Whatever you need, he’s there for you. “The relationship between Dilio and Panzanaro stretches back almost five years. Stores. Robert Burke said he expects other luxury retailers to follow Chanel’s cue. That high end […]