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School spirit shirts can be a blast

Said what do you want (in salary), Kelly said. Said, They said you got it. And he said, I should have said triple. School spirit shirts can be a blast. School spirit is believing in your school and rooting for any school team, be it academic or athletic. As long as your shirts fit this […]

“Only two others are standing for the mayoralty

Optometric assistants may also guide patients toward choosing the right kind of eyeglass frame for their face shape, and also help them choose the right kind of lens for the glasses based on their requirements. These may include anti glare or high index glasses. They then help patients adjust to the glasses or contact lenses. […]

fashion matters: anna piaggi, rei kawakubo, and my fantasy wish list for the fall

Thinking about Piaggi’s famous mix of high and low — ie. couture meets Canal Street in a penchant for vibrant colors and clashing patterns — I am reminded of my favorite Jean Genet quote from The Thief’s Journal (1949): “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.