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my past life fantasies

I’ve always liked the idea of past lives, of being part of a larger energy force that moves from one body in space/time to the next, perhaps even inhabiting several simultaneously (parallel universes and all). In Haitian Voudou, these forces are referred to as one’s Maît–tête, or master of the head, a dominant spirit who shares […]

Midroll Media, whose name is derived from the term for

It’s not as if this isn’t operating smoothly elsewhere. The CFL is in its third season of allowing reviews of both pass interference penalties and no calls Cheap Jerseys china, and aside from a couple of crusty columnist complaints, the system seems to be working well for everyone. In the fourth quarter of last […]

e.v. day and kembra pfahler on their project, “giverny”: unedited

An edited version of this interview was published in Time Out, New York, April 16, 2012, All images by moi. E.V. Day and Kembra Pfahler, “Giverny” After years of neglect following World War II, Monet’s famous Giverny house and gardens were restored to their former glory in 1980 and reopened to the public. The […]

Let’s say that we started working with Orascom

11 with second place finish in sight supreme hats No. Let’s say that we started working with Orascom, and having started with Orascom we are now approaching potential customers through Orascom for contracts on PPA. Orascom is our partner in Egypt and we are talking to a number of companies in Egypt to engage them […]