Monthly Archives: December 2010

fluorescent lighting: evil by design?

Well, at long last I put my fluorescent lighting theory to test, and alas, turns out it was not invented as a form of state control. Which doesn’t mean its not used for such. Still, the history of florescent lighting is quite innocuous, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. For clarity’s sake, a fluorescent light […]

age-appropriate clothing? fashion outlaws, house of diehl, say no way!

I’ve always lived – sartorially, at least – by one of my favorite Genet quotes, “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.” Growing up with a German mother who had very good taste when it came to clothes, I often received compliments from my grade school teachers on my refined outfits […]

Alligator snapping turtles can weigh over

Alligator snapping turtles can weigh over 300 pounds and are very aggressive. They feed on fish, insects, birds and other small animals. When they are introduced to a new environment, they can quickly destroy the ecosystem. What is for sure is that your guy has fantasies. Find out what they are and do it as […]

Santorum insisted the Supreme Court was out of control

Santorum insisted the Supreme Court was out of control while Pataki drew a line between elected officials like Davis and individual citizens. Jindal also defended Christianity in the public square. After joking about his poor performance in law school, Graham noted the Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage is the law of the land but […]

Are you happy

So ask yourself: Are you happy? Is your self confidence improving? How well are you sleeping? How are your stress levels? Do you have any physical pain? An exercise regimen that is well designed for you should also improve the health of your soft tissues and joints. If you you low on energy, always sore […]

Got goose bumps during my first year

Got goose bumps during my first year in the league when we played at the Saddledome. The fans are awesome. I don hate Calgary but I still have a bit of the Oiler fan in me. His movement across his stumps is VERY similar to AB de Villiers (I have a feeling he actually copied […]