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top o’ the pile: 17 writers share their nightstand reads (from rick moody and lynne tillman to edmund white and eileen myles)

THIS IS FROM MY LATEST HUFFPOST PIECE, cheers! (sorry that so many links to various titles among author bios got cut/unlinked).   Summer reading lists are as ubiquitous as the inevitable heat, and while I’m always interested in what writers are reading, I find this genre — if that’s the right word — a bit […]

Climb 260 feet to the top (hey

Basham graduated from Bowling Green High School in 1983 and went on to attend Western Kentucky University. In 1987, he received a bachelor of science in electrical engineering technology. Basham currently lives in Springfield, Va., with his wife. That said, going sockless turns out to be a bit tricky. Each of your feet can produce […]

Fashion editor, Caroline O’Halloran of Malvern to name a few

Sommelier manager Ainslie Lubbock had already worked magic at Royal Mail and Attica. And Best? Well, his reinvented modern bistro, Melbourne style, is different from his Sydney fine diner Marque, except perhaps for sharing some of the same values and occasionally a luxe, velvety potato dish that should go on any discerning diner’s bucket list. […]

back from the “res” – pictures of rustica

Hey, here’s some photos from my July residency at Brydcliffe┬áin Woodstock. A mixed bag-experience that included lots of gorgeous nature (anywhere there are more trees per square foot than humans is heaven in my book), rustic architecture (Byrdcliffe was built in 1902 as a utopian back-to-nature art colony via the Arts & Crafts movement, so […]

If a dehydrator is not available

Erick says women often wait too long to seek medical attention. “I think people get really out of control with being dehydrated because they read a book that said, ‘Oh, this is normal’ or somebody said, ‘Buck up Replica Hermes, it’s only pregnancy. Meanwhile, they can’t get out of their pajamas and fail to […]