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vignettes of the nite LVV: “no wave skank goddess” on food

I’m on a cooking binge these days, grilling and stove. Made this tasty mushroom, lentil, quinoa, carrot, celery dish, close to this Martha Stewart recipe but with rosemary and some of Trader Joe’s garlic and eggplant dip mixed in.  Improv-style. Delish! A bit heavy for summer I suppose but it can be eaten cold (or […]

Back to the materials a

Back to the materials and labor argument, we’d expect some savings in these two areas. The material is certainly less durable and not the strongest for dealing with real game action. The lettering and numbering, which were stitched on in authentic jerseys, are screen printed instead. cheap nfl jerseys He said, a dream come true. […]

born receiver tevaun smith

born receiver tevaun smith tempering his expectations for nfl draft wholesale jerseys Told John, I said I know who got the better looks in the family. So I was teasing him about that, but I think John helping his younger brother. It not like it is nepotism, the young man a good official. As the […]