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great animated shorts by the belgian master, raoul servais (1960s-present)

I first came across the animated shorts of Belgian filmmaker, Raoul Servais (b.1928), while doing research for an SVA lecture on Surrealism. My Bing video search led me to Harpya (1979), an eery, circular story about a lonely, forlorn man and a harpy. Harpies are the legendary bird-women/winged spirits of Greek mythology who, at Zeus’s […]

I want to thank my family

“I want to thank my family and friends, the fans, the Reds, the White Sox and Mariners for making this kid’s dream come true,” he says, reaching for a treasure behind the podium. His hidden stash, a commemorative Hall of Fame Mariners ballcap, is pulled snugly onto his head. The bill, of course, shades the […]

favre has jersey retired at lambeau field

favre has jersey retired at lambeau field Cheap Jerseys from china It’s not clear yet how many homes and businesses were damaged or even destroyed. 200 people were in the shelter at the First Baptist Church Saturday night, but that number is now down to about 50 people. Folks in the community are coming together […]

If you’re running an NFL team

If you’re running an NFL team, you pays your money and you takes your chance. A winning bet doesn’t always start with a can’t miss pedigree. Shop by team and search by player, find home and road jerseys in all sizes.5 Skills to Master Your Soccer GameBasketball Cards Collecting Tip. Cheap Jerseys free shipping On […]

Here is a look at weather buoy data

Here is a look at weather buoy data which tracked Matthew in the Caribbean Sea.Once we knew Matthew could be a threat to land here in the United States, hurricane hunters were sent out to fly right into the storm.The crew went in and out of the storm numerous times to get important weather information […]

In the last five years of his life

In the last five years of his life, he had seven major surgeries including one for a stomach tumor and two for throat cancer (he smoked). The Parkinson’s gave him the shakes and caused him to have diminished eyesight. Then the medicine he took for the Parkinson’s nearly caused him to go blind. Cheap Jerseys […]