vignettes of the nite XXVI: new historicism and new years eve

As the new year dawns, I’m in my usual mode of hunkering down, avoiding the drunken subway scene and forced gaiety that is NYE in NYC — and just TRY and get a cab or car service there and back without it being a royal pain. So either there’s something romantic going on at home, which there isn’t this year, or I’m working, breaking to skype in the new year with a good pal in LA.

Anyway, at the moment I’m applying for a teaching job, and in updating my CV came across this literary/writing resource I used when I taught a Critical Writing/Design Theory course at Parsons, should it be of help to anyone else.

Also, check out the work of artist-musician Larry Krone, who I’ve known for years and just did an interview with for Art in America on his amazing show at Pierogi, and upcoming one at Joe’s Pub (all info. included in either link). And before I forget here’s the latest in my Alternative Models series on Huffpo. It focuses on film/video orgs with programs I find radically smart AND community-based (my highest praise!) that I hope you will support!

OK, well I may weigh in tomorrow nite, not sure yet, but if I don’t, your mayor wishes you all a dazzling and dignified new year! (why dazzling and dignified? I’ve no idea…perhaps it’s my unconscious sayonara to Leigh Bowery, my chosen spirit guide of 2013?) And look good whatever you do, it always helps!