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vignettes of the nite XXVII: speaking the truth

“There are whole generations of black men wiped out because their records are blemished. If we start to deal with some of the consequences of our drug policy without legalization, I’m all ears. But if you avoid historical issues and you say, ‘We’re worried about creating the next big drug industry,’ you’re missing the point. What do you think has happened to some of these people? Their lives are ruined.”

fashion matters: the mao suit

Fashion and Maoism, never the twain shall meet? Sometimes a picture really does speak a thousand words. (Veruschka as Chairman Mao from an issue of French Vogue 1971, photo by Alex Chatelain) Obviously Mao was fashionable in the early 70s ala Warhol (his 1972 shot Mao – above – being my favorite, can’t believe Dennis […]