vignette of the nite XLIV: insects are us

8 animals that know how to farm. As if we needed more proof that humans aren’t that special. Read about it here! Who knew ants grew fungi farms? I shouldn’t be surprised. When I saw this doc on termites and the complex infrastructure they create, the cities and architecture, my mind was blown. Of course, David Attenborough’s breathy excitement always warms the cockles.



It would seem insects will inherit the earth. If you don’t believe me, watch The Hellstrom Chronicles, a 1971 doc on the insect world, which one Youtube commenter pithily describes as: “Awesomely paranoid, educating, and fun. Insects are ruthless, mother nature is a Warrior Queen. Watch the first 9 mins, I dare you!” Hell, the first sentence could do one in: “The earth was created not with the gentle caress of love, but with the brutal violence of rape.” Its fantastic apocalyptic weirdness. Enjoy!!