vignettes of the nite XLV: unknown pleasures by joy division


On my way home tonite from a dinner date I heard a Joy Division track in my favorite Williamsburg pizzeria (I was still hungry:). One of those mesmerizing deja vu moments.

So as soon as I got in the door, I put on Closer, 1980, then Unknown Pleasures, 1979, both albums on Youtube, and I was reminded of what an ambitious, thoughtful debut the latter was.

SUCH A GREAT RECORD, a sound that’s influenced so many bands ala Interpol, whose debut phase I remember well. Anyway, I say if you’ve never heard Unknown Pleasures, give it a listen! And if you do know it, hear it again! And if you want to get obsessive, this tribute blog to the record is like a pop dissertation — I love it! Long live Ian.
Film Title: Control.