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vignettes of the night II: janestown headquarters

(Wondering if technology will ever be able to surveil our thoughts, data spilling from brains into computers that codify them, I stumble on this Atlantic article suggesting YES, ohmygawd how frightening) My shrink keeps using this term “projective identification” lately so tonight I tried to remember where my attention unconsciously strayed during the day for […]

fall, and my 20th year in NYC: some random musings

Just a few things on my mind, hodge-podged here for you to nosh on. First, its my 20th anniversary in NYC, and I’m mulling over how to mark it, because its a milestone. I feel like a real New Yorker now, like I earned my stripes. And I’m living more or less how I once […]

“if i needed you” – a tale of love and longing

I often rest in the pocket of this song and return to it again and again. I will listen to it repetitively, often crying the first two rounds, until I am lifted, cleansed, released…If you’ve never heard this Townes van Zandt classic (written in 1981), well, prepare for a holy experience. Music is church for […]